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How to install drivers automatically?

On our site we have collected a huge collection of drivers for various devices. We are sure that our database helps computer specialists to update drivers and restore the computer's efficiency. Every day we receive letters asking to help install a particular driver and today I want to tell you about one small but very useful utility that will help you with this.

The program is called DriverUpdaterPro from Otweak Software company. The first time I faced this program probably 7-8 years ago, when I worked in a company that was responsible for remote configuration of computers. The program distribution kit takes about 4 megabytes and is downloaded in a few minutes. You can download it from this link. The program is constantly updated and at the time of writing this review 8th version is already available.

After installation, the program collects data about your computer and the devices installed in it. Next DriverUpdaterPro compares the installed drivers with its cloud base and shows a list of devices for which there are updates in the database.

After registration, the program offers to update drivers automatically. For this there is no need to have specific knowledge. DriverUpdaterPro will do everything itself. It is possible to install drivers separately and also to update all drivers at the same time with a single click of a button.

According to the developer - they use their own algorithm for selecting drivers, which eliminates the installation of unsuitable or incompatible drivers. Also, only official versions of the drivers from the manufacturer are offered for installation. In fact, over the years of use, I've come across several cases where DriverUpdaterPro did not select the driver correctly, but it was extremely rare. Much more often this happens when you manually install the drivers. Before installing the driver, the program creates a control point in the system, which allows you without problems to undo all changes made.

After updating all the drivers, the program will scan your computer on a schedule and offer to update them when new drivers are released. Thus, your computer will always be up to date and work with the full potential of its capabilities.

In fact, DriverUpdaterPro is not the only program of this kind, but according to my estimates, it has the largest driver base and is updated almost immediately after appearing on official websites. You can also try DriverUpdate from WinZip or DriverUpdater from SlimWare but they are much more expensive and usually offer fewer drivers for updating.

Download DriverUpdaterPro

If you know a program that finds more drivers and they are all compatible with a computer - please let me know via the contact form. I will definitely test it.

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